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My main interest in old computers are old business microcomputers particular the Hewlett-Packard HP-85 and the IBM PC family.

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I would like to find more program listings for the Hewlett-Packard HP-85, which is an unusual 'all-in-one' machine that was a favorite of engineers such as myself.

Top machines:

Apple II Europlus
Commodore CBM 4032 and other Pets
HP 85 and HP 87 desktop computer

Other machines:

I have the obligatory BBC B, BBC B+ 128k, Master line-up. I also have the Z80 and 6502 additional processors, the Teletext adapter, and hope to run CP/M on a BBC B/Z80 set-up.

I have a few CP/M systems eg Pericom S-100 with twin 8" floppies, Transam Tuscan, Osbourne 1 portable, Merlin 2100 (a rebadged ICL DRS20), Cromemco Z2-D, Zenith Z-120 and NorthStar Advantage. Recently obtained a Research Machines 380Z and 480Z.

Portable systems are also of interest, I have a range going from the HP-110, Husky Hunter 2, Epson PX-4+ through to some DOS based Toshiba machines (from the early 1990s).

I have a few stand-alone systems too which don't really fit into the 'business machines' category, but are representative of the period. These include:

Sharp MZ-80K (built in screen and tape drive)
Nascom1, Nascom 2 (one working and one sadly in need of major repair), with disk drive and Imp printer
Tandy Color Computer 3
Atari 800XL & 512ST
Prinztronic Console

Lastly I have some microprocessor development type boards, in particular a Sinclair MK-14 and a Motorola MEK6800-D2.

I hope to add some info on other machines that I had an interest in:

UK101 (now sold)
Hitech 10

Apart from Practical Computing, I also have a set of 'Computer User Magazine' from the 1980s, which was aimed at home users but ran some interesting articles & interviews, and featured a detailed look (in colour) at a different machine each month.

I will update my links to other favourite computer collections on the web, but I would recommend a web search for vintage computer collections.

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Thanks to..

Matthew Saxby, who got me started with BBC Bs and an IBM AT; Graham Vine, for a wide range of machines and manuals; Bob Hahm, Oliver Williams, Gil Smith, Vassilis Prevelakis, Everett Kaser and many more HP collectors for their support and encouragement;  Jon Jennings,  Jon Shaw for donations; plus many more of you out there who have given advice in response to usenet and e-mail pleas for help.

About me

I am John Shadbolt and live in the UK, anything more and you will need to know me better first!

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