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NEC PC-8001 Links

I have split this section into English language and Japanese language, as this machine was popular in its home country and has an active following there.

Old-computers page - includes video connector pin-outs.

Wikipedia page on the PC-8000 series.

This Frimu.nl page lists NEC software for sale, but the home page states they have stopped selling - odd.

The Old Computer ROMs has a PC-8001 section.

Computer Closet Collection has a nice picture of the American PC-8001A system with the additional I/O and floppy drives.

The following sites are in Japanese, so are best viewed using Chrome as this automatically translates into English (or any other language).

Japanese Wikipedia page on PC-8000 series - complete list of peripherals.

Attic or Garret Time machine gives a good overview.

GARA has pictures and prices in Yen for the range.

Enri's website (from the Internet Archive) has detailed pages on the internals of PC-8001, PC-8012 expansion unit and PC-8032 disk drive. This includes details such as an internal RS-232 port, expansion bus pin-outs, interrupt and ports addresses. keyboard and CRTC routines and N-BASIC ROM routines.

nico's PC page has a detailed listing of all the add-ons for the PC-8001MkII, including cards for the PC-8012 I/O unit, floppy drive options, various NEC monitors, data (cassette) recorders, system software and cables

Retro Computer People has a section on the PC-8001, again with a list of all the options, plus specifications.

Lancelot blog has many pictures of his PC-8001 system, and part 2 shows some demo software.

Chinese site:

Techcn page on the PC-8001 gives an overview of its success against its rivals in Japan.


NEC PC-8001


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